Survey toolkit is one of a range of online marketing tools available to marketing professionals. Visit our sites for:

bulletinbuilder - use it to create and send HTML newsletters.

eFocus groups - focus groups with the email inbox or a web browser as your venue.


You can use the survey toolkit free of charge for your first survey for up to 100 survey returns.

After that, the charges are based on survey returns according to a a scale of credits* which are described below. Credits should be purchased online, in advance of a survey being sent by email or posted to a website. When credits are used up, you will be alerted by email to purchase additional credits and results not paid for will be released upon receipt of your payment.

200 credits costs 100 GBP
500 credits costs 200 GBP
1,000 credits costs 300 GBP

To purchase credits please click on the link above as approprite and you will be guided through our secure transaction process. At the conclusion of this you will be directed to your own password protected area of servey toolkit where your current credit level will be displayed.

Please note that higher volume users can qualify for more competitive rates but please contact us to negotiate these directly.

* Note: a credit is a single, completed survey return.