Survey toolkit is one of a range of online marketing tools available to marketing professionals. Visit our sites for:

bulletinbuilder - use it to create and send HTML newsletters.

eFocus groups - focus groups with the email inbox or a web browser as your venue.

From a survey toolkit console you can conduct a simple online poll or a complex survey and choose to run it by email or via your own website.

Online surveys have the combined benefits of being quick, easy and comparatively cheap when compared to traditional survey techniques. They also give you instant control over all the stages throughout the progress of a project.

Anyone can use it even though it is an emarketing tool designed by professionals, for professionals. So whether you need to collect a large body of accurate data or you want something quick and simple, our survey toolkit can satisfy both extremes and most things inbetween.

Once you have registered or logged in, a simple wizard helps you to design each new survey with ease. Tools are available to amend and adapt previous surveys that are kept permanantly available to you via your password-protected console.

You can preview, edit and approve your survey via the console. Additional features then allow you to distribute it as an HTML email or a link as well as making it available on your own website.